Monday, March 14, 2011

Verification And Confirmation

Yesterday I re-posted the information about the Carboodle Ranch  Today being concerned about the controversy that was posted from the Cuddles and Catnips Blog, I came to the conclusion that the person named Dana should have some sort of verification proving that this information came from a reliable source. Of course it's not wise to put your telephone number or your physical address online. However in my opinion for confirmation, Dana needs some sort of online identity.

Today when I checked into my blog I had received a comment from a person named Bella. I clicked on her name, assuming it would lead me to her blog or website. But there was nothing there.Hopefully Bella and Dana will eventually come forward, and reveal an online identity.


Kat's Kats said...

If you check my blog post I've got a link in my response to a site with comments from several people who have been out there. You have to wade through a lot but there is more than one person reporting the same thing.

Everycat said...

Dana's online ID is on the Fb page she created -

That Fb page Caboodle's Angels looks like every other Fb Hate-page-with-a-grudge to me. You can find loads of them on Fb.


I hope everyone who is touting Dana's story or posting on PicturesofCats.org or the Tampa Bay article or as "anonymous" or "djcat" realises this...

...very, very rarely does any kind of internet bad mouthing, chinese whispers fest or endlessly repeating unsubstantiated facts result in a better deal for the animals.

Often it will result in them being killed. Yep, killed - that might be at a good city AC place where a vet does it with sedation and the proper drug administered IV OR it just as easily may be death in the home made gas chamber, heartstick without sedation or even drowning/electrocution/shooting/bolt pistol & brain pithing - all known to happen in USA shelters (and others world wide)

Do the people who jump on the bandwagon of gossip and anon postings ever stop to think that the animals they love and want to protect or fight for will likely end up dead/dying/in a worse place because of their actions? I doubt they do, because it's just too easy to get caught up in the emotion/outrage of the original writer. In this case "Dana", "anonymous" and "djcat". The reality is that the cats will suffer and likely be killed.

Imagine if these anti-Caboodle people get their way, if all the Caboodle Ranch cats were seized. Where would they go? Are all the hate-mongers gonna step up and home 2o cats each, I doubt it. There might be a hundred cats already in the AC centre - they'd be killed first, then when the Caboodle cats filled the cages and the usual weekly shelter intake started over loading the shelter for space, the Caboodle cats would be killed too. Great, double the pile of dead cats. Is that what people want?

Internet hate campaigns rarely result in a better deal for the animals.

Please think hard before perpetuating this kind of stuff on the internet.

KrafteKat said...

Yes I agree one should be careful of the damage heresy can cause. I had re-posted the story March 13th. Then after reading all the controversy over the Carboodle Ranch. It appeared that Dana and Bella were anonymous. With that being said, on March 14th I decided to write a paragraph about verification and confirmation.

I live in Northern New Hampshire, so there is no way I can personally verify anything about the Caboodle Ranch, Be it bad or good?? I do not know or care about the hate mongers on facebook.

Everycat said...

Dana runs the Fb group.

Bella said...

Sorry, I do not have a Blog but I do have a friend that goes to Caboodle every year on her vacation to help out. She writes about it on her blog and I will ask her if it O:K to give the link. I hope this smear campaign does not harm the Carboodle.

KrafteKat said...

Comments were appreciated, but this is where it ends.