Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life Goes On

I wonder what Isabella ponders on when she sits in the window, watching the days go by. Or do animals speculate as humans do? I am still keeping her in the small bedroom, away from Zelda. It would be better if she had the run of the whole house, but after her medical ordeal, (spaying, aborting kittens, and inoculations) I think confrontations with Zelda would be to stressful for her. I have noticed that she still rubs up against my legs and I think that's a good sign. But unfortunately her attitude towards me seems to of changed. When I bring her food in she hisses at me, and she never did that before. However she was never comfortable about feet, as she would often grab at them, so when around her, I wear shoes. (in the house, I hate shoes) But she never hissed at me, until after her return from the clinic.


Mumsy, Chancy and Co. said...

Hopefully the trip to the clinic and all that she has been through will soon be a faded memory and she will be well adjusted and getting along great. I often wonder what the kitties here are thinking too when they seem to be deep in thought while looking out the window. Hugs and nose kisses for all

Admiral Hestorb said...

I hope all will be well and it saddens me to think something may have happened to her while at the clinic that made her fearful enough to hiss at you.

Boo-Bah said...

I think she sits at the window and dreams of birds. My cats do.
I hope she will form friendship with Zelda. I know it's hard. In my house I have to keep the two chihuahuas seperated from the cats. Believe it or not, my chihuahuas want to be friends, but my Marshmellow in particular doesn't want anything to do with the dogs. He actually has put Pearlene in the hospital twice for surgery and having wounds stitched up. Now my days at home are spent taking turns with bringing them out to have run of the house.

The Lee County Clowder said...

It might take a while, but Isabella should forget about the V*T in time. All she knows is that you grabbed her, stuck her in a box, and dumped her someplace where they did all kinds of weird things to her.

Hang in there.

KrafteKat said...

I have read that cats have perceptive memories. However I'm sure that animals like humans have different degrees of intelligence, and memories. I can only hope that when they did the medical procedure she was in a deep sleep. Then all she will remember is feeling sore and being handled by strangers (whom she greatly fears) We had a nice day last Thursday so I decided to give her the option to go out. I put Zelda in my room, opened the door to Isabella's room, and I opened the back door (which is close to her door)She walked out and stood in the open door way sniffing in the fresh air, and then she went right back to the bedroom. The snow is still deep up here, and their was some snow on the deck. But if she wanted to get away, seems she would of made a wild dash for it, no matter how much snow she had to struggle through.

Iris I'm so sorry That Marshmellow and your dog have had physical confrontations that harmed Pearlene. I think that cats are far more temperamental then dogs.

Thank you all for stopping by, I appreciate your comments.

Brian said...

Patience is the key, I agree, something happened to trigger a bad memory. Pay close attention and she will tell you what to do and not do to help.