Thursday, March 31, 2011

The tom that keeps coming back

I opened the bedroom door to Isabell's room and she ran right out on the deck. Considering that we finally got a little warm weather, I thought she might like to stay out for awhile. After an hour I checked on her, to let her in. When I opened the door she was right there, but this brown and white tom that has been lurking around here since last July was also on the deck. When Isabell went for the door he jumped in front of her. Then their was a cat fight, and Isabell ran off with the tom chasing after her. I thought tom's only went after cat's in heat, and since she's been spayed, she can't be throwing off the mating scent?? I called her and called her but she was gone most of the day. I didn't get her back in the house until hours later

Last summer I thought he might be a hungry stray, so I offered him some food. At that time he seemed gentle, with no interest of a hand out. So I assumed he was someone's pet that was well fed. The people that live up the road from me have a small barn and 2 or 3 horses. Possibly he could be one of their barn cats. Unfortunately he has not been neutered, and I'm sure he is the cat that got her pregnant.


Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh what an awful shock for your baby! Run off from her own home. But that Tom had better learn some manners.

Kea said...

It's very unfortunate about that tom cat. And if he is a barn cat, it's more than likely his humans wouldn't be open to having him neutered.

We hope Isabell is home and safely indoors now!

-Fuzzy Tales

kraftekat said...

I got her back in around 3:00 in the afternoon. She is now safely in her bedroom.

When that Tom hung around in the summer, he seemed gentle. I even thought that him and Isabell were friends. Little did I know he was constantly stocking her. And in the winter I saw his paw prints all over the snow, even up to the window.

Now I know why she was often hiding when I opened her door. I think she saw him out the window, thought he could get inside, so she would hide under the quilt. The minute I spoke she would pop up from under the quilt.

She should of done a little jig in the window and yowled "yea yea yea you can't get to me"

I would like to catch that tom and have him neutered.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Well, if this tom does not have any kind of collar, in most places you would be well within your rights to capture and neuter him. There likely is someone around who could loan you a live trap. A lot of places offer low-cost spay/neuter, if you look around.

Alley Cat Allies might be able to help you in dealing with him, although no guarantees. They seem to focus on fund raising and trying to influence state laws, but they do have a place to contact for individual help.

Good luck, and purrrrss for Isabella and Zelda.

kraftekat said...

No the cat does not have a collar. But it's a small town. If I had it neutered, they could check every vet and animal clinic in the area. Then I would perhaps have a mortal enemy.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Well, if the tom is tame enough you can touch him, you might try putting a collar on him with a note or tag asking the owner to contact you. A bit of a reach, but with luck you would know who is responsible for this tomcat, and might even get him out of your (and Isabella's) life.