Friday, March 4, 2011

Mission Accomplished, With Negative Side Affects

Because I don't sleep soundly, or for very long, I'm an early riser. I may be up at 5:00 am, but when I'm having my coffee I'm generally reading the newspaper, watching the news, or surfing the net. So I'm not doing much until around 7:00 or 8:00 am. But Thursday morning, considering I had to have Isabella at the clinic by 7:30, I had time for none of that. When I got up in the morning to prepare for the day, Zelda knew something was up. Funny how cats you have owned for awhile, are so in-tune to you actions. that way. During my preparations Zelda seemed to be a bit disturbed. She kept looking at me as if to say, something peculiar is underway here, and I want no part of it. And then as my preparations wound down she vanished from my site. I finally found her in the small bedroom, hiding under the bed. (the bedroom I prepared for Isabella upon her return) Under the bed, in that room, has always been her favorite place to hide. For the time being she'll be locked out of that bedroom. Hum... maybe she had a sense of that?

All in all the day went well. My driveway was fine, I got Isabella to the clinic on time, and there were only 4 young dogs in line before me. Isabella was the first cat to get checked in. When I picked her up she appeared to be sleeping in her carrier. They also gave her a rabies and distemper shot. I asked the lady at the clinic if she was pregnant. She said "she was 7 weeks along, we aborted the babies. In 2 more weeks she would of given birth"

I don't think Isabella appreciated the bumpy ride home. When I got her in the house I took her straight to the back bedroom and opened the carrier. She came right out, sort of stumbling and she ran straight for the door, which was shut. By her behavior, I would say that the whole ordeal, being locked up in a carrier, transported in a car, being around people, barking dogs, getting inoculated and spayed, traumatized her. She did not hiss or growl at me, but she refused to leave the door, and she was actually struggling at the one and a half inch under the door to escape. I guess she figured if she tried hard enough, she might fit through that little gap? I grabbed a screen that was close by and slid it front of the door. When she finally went to another part of the bedroom, I quickly left the room, taking the screen with me. And as I did she ran back for the door. Because she was so determined to get through that gap, I decided to put the screen on the other side of the door. The poor cat struggled for about an hour at that door. Now I fear the minute I open the door to bring in her food, she will make one quick run for it.

Where ever she originally came from, be it a barn cat, abused cat, abandoned cat, or a true feral cat. Within the last year I became the only human she trusted. Presently she's probably having second thoughts on ever trusting me again. What she wants right now is to get out of my house and away from me. :( I'm sure if I were to open the window and let her out, she would take off and never return. Perhaps thinking "this is what happens when you trust humans" I'm hoping that I can keep her inside at least a week to heal. But if she fly's out of that bedroom like a cat with a mad cow disease, I don't know what I'll do?


Mumsy, Chancy and Company said...

Poor baby is probably a bit scared and nervous after all that was done. Maybe she will settle down soon and be okay...we are praying so. Hugs and nose kisses

The Lee County Clowder said...

You'll probably have to be careful opening doors for a few days. The last thing you want is for her to dash outside and never be seen again.

Isabella likely has no idea what happened, she just knows it wasn't fun. She should settle down once she realizes things are back to normal. Cuddle with her a lot for the couple days. Kitties are usually very forgiving.

Sending comforting purrrrrss to you and Isabella, and a head butt to Zelda, who is probably wondering again what on earth is going on in her house.

KrafteKat said...

Thank you both for your concern, I'm sure Isabella had no idea what was going on, and it was very frightening. Especially when she already has so much fear of humans. Today she has quieted down, as she is staying away from the door. So she seems to be quietly resting. I hope she has a very short memory. As for me, the after math of this has left me exhausted. So I've been in and out of bed all day.

Ann Dziemianowicz said...

Aww, hard to see when kitties get upset. But glad Isabella is feeling better today. There was probably too much stimulus w/ vet and traveling. Sending warm thoughts