Saturday, March 26, 2011

Doubting Thomas

I have been striving on getting some spring cleaning done, so I took some time off from blogging. I planned on fostering a Brittany spaniel, until I was given no guarantee that a dog I might foster would be good around cats. I'm a little disappointed, because on Petfinder it states if the dog is good with cats and kids. After talking to the person in charge of the Brittany spaniel rescue, he claims no guarantees. Until I get that guarantee, my foster dog project will be put on hold.

I miss my Daisy since she passed away, and I need a watch dog. One that barks and alerts me of any unusual noises. but I am not going to allow a dog to terrorize my cats.

I could of adopted the 2 year old papillion, named Phoenix, but so far I've dragged my feet on that decision. All though it's a gift, it seems this little fella comes with a few problems. Unfortunately he has a stubborn streak and really bad gingivitis. I can live with ongoing dental care. The other problem is getting him to walk along with you while on a leash. Every time she tries to walk him, he lays down on the ground. She got him as a young dog from a past coworker in Phoenix, Arizona, (claims he is now 2 years old) that bred and trained papillions. She gave him to her for free, but she had to pay $92.00 to have him transported to New Hampshire. When she called her up and alerted her of all the problems, she said "if your not happy you can send him back" Well that would of cost her another $92.00, and when most people get an animal even if they don't get attached most would prefer not to reject it to more transportation stress. She does love dogs, she had 3 papillions and 2 shelties. She placed one of the papillions. Now she has 2 sheltie's Jake and Patches, two papillions, Red and Phoenix.

First time I spoke to her (over a week ago) in spite of my uncertainty she was very determined on me taking the dog.(Perhaps she expected an instant decision) Then last Thursday when I saw her everything seems to of changed. She's telling me about an acquaintance in Massachusetts who is very good at training dogs, who has been interested in him for some time now. I'm wondering why she didn't inform me of this when we last spoke. I felt like saying "if this person already knows how to break this dog to stop laying down, when on a leash. You should give the dog to her" The fact that a dog refuses to cooperate while on a leash, makes it almost an impossible situation in taking the dog out to do his doggie business. She' at work all day, so when she gets home from work, she puts all her dogs outside in a little pen. Now I'm wondering how house broken her dogs are?

When I make a decision I generally put a great deal of thought into it. With this new information, being suddenly brought to light, I sort of felt like she was pushing me into a premature decision. Such as "if you wanted the dog you should of taken it last week, or you better take it now, or it will be gone" I'm thinking that if this person has been interested for some time, in this little papillion, why hasn't she taken it?


Tillie and Georgia said...

We think you are quite right to take your time to find the right doggie !! Your kitties will like that too :)

Purrs Tillie & Georgia

Boo-Bah said...

It's an important decision so you are absolutely right to take your time and give it much thought. I am a bit behind on everything so I hope Isabella is doing okay. I hope Zelda and her are getting used to each other now.

Avalon Cat Cartoons said...

Hi KrafteKat... I'm your newest GFC follower. Have a lucky week. Purrrrrrrs from Avalon.