Thursday, March 31, 2011

The tom that keeps coming back

I opened the bedroom door to Isabell's room and she ran right out on the deck. Considering that we finally got a little warm weather, I thought she might like to stay out for awhile. After an hour I checked on her, to let her in. When I opened the door she was right there, but this brown and white tom that has been lurking around here since last July was also on the deck. When Isabell went for the door he jumped in front of her. Then their was a cat fight, and Isabell ran off with the tom chasing after her. I thought tom's only went after cat's in heat, and since she's been spayed, she can't be throwing off the mating scent?? I called her and called her but she was gone most of the day. I didn't get her back in the house until hours later

Last summer I thought he might be a hungry stray, so I offered him some food. At that time he seemed gentle, with no interest of a hand out. So I assumed he was someone's pet that was well fed. The people that live up the road from me have a small barn and 2 or 3 horses. Possibly he could be one of their barn cats. Unfortunately he has not been neutered, and I'm sure he is the cat that got her pregnant.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Still Coping

It's still an uphill battle dealing with 2 cats in separate quarters

When discussing the situation with a friend, she suggested I cuddle and bond with Isabella. Considering that she gets to stimulated when being petted, that's currently impossible. Because she has had very little or no human contact, she starts biting and scratching the hand that is petting her to show affection.

I also informed my friend that I did not take the cat in because I wanted another cat. I took her in because it was so cold in the winter months. Some advice I was given from the get go was "if you didn't want another cat, you shouldn't of fed her, and you should of ignored her"  Well that seemed rather harsh. They have no catch and release programs in New Hampshire, where they will offer some assistance. For the people who care they are on their own. For me it was sort of a catch and release situation. But after she healed, and was let out, it seems that she didn't really want to be released. When I thought about finding a home for her, because of her bad habit of being so close to feet, I had visions of people tripping over her. If she was in a household where people had no patience in dealing with her problems, it could turn out to be disaster. Some people think they want a cat, then when it doesn't turn out to be what they expected they bring it back or throw it out to fend for itself. .

I came to the conclusion that I would start with some spray bottle training and give her more freedom. I don't want her to get to attached to me, so I'll be kind and patient, but not affectionate. Every day I put Zelda in my room and set up a gate. Then I let Isabell out of her room for a couple hours. Every time she got close to my feet I gave her a quick, light spray. So far she gives me freedom to walk, and now she knows what the bottle is for. Most of the time when I hold it up, I don't even have to spray. She generally walks around and explores for awhile. One day she jumped up on my kitchen cabinet. I only had to abruptly say NO! and she got right down. I have been doing this for a few days, with no problems. Unfortunately today it was a different story. When I let her out, she was doing fine at first, but then I noticed her getting into a stalking possession (the thing cats do when stalking their prey) I got up from my chair and noticed that Zelda was in plain site of her, but way back against the wall away from the gate. When I said NO, she heard me, took notice, but decided to ignore me. Later she did not want to go back in her room, so it took awhile getting her back in her there.

Before she was afraid of Zelda, but now I can clearly see that she has claimed her territory and wants to be the Alpha cat. I don't want Zelda living her senior years in fear. So once I get her trained to keeping away from feet, I think I should start looking for a good home for her.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Doubting Thomas

I have been striving on getting some spring cleaning done, so I took some time off from blogging. I planned on fostering a Brittany spaniel, until I was given no guarantee that a dog I might foster would be good around cats. I'm a little disappointed, because on Petfinder it states if the dog is good with cats and kids. After talking to the person in charge of the Brittany spaniel rescue, he claims no guarantees. Until I get that guarantee, my foster dog project will be put on hold.

I miss my Daisy since she passed away, and I need a watch dog. One that barks and alerts me of any unusual noises. but I am not going to allow a dog to terrorize my cats.

I could of adopted the 2 year old papillion, named Phoenix, but so far I've dragged my feet on that decision. All though it's a gift, it seems this little fella comes with a few problems. Unfortunately he has a stubborn streak and really bad gingivitis. I can live with ongoing dental care. The other problem is getting him to walk along with you while on a leash. Every time she tries to walk him, he lays down on the ground. She got him as a young dog from a past coworker in Phoenix, Arizona, (claims he is now 2 years old) that bred and trained papillions. She gave him to her for free, but she had to pay $92.00 to have him transported to New Hampshire. When she called her up and alerted her of all the problems, she said "if your not happy you can send him back" Well that would of cost her another $92.00, and when most people get an animal even if they don't get attached most would prefer not to reject it to more transportation stress. She does love dogs, she had 3 papillions and 2 shelties. She placed one of the papillions. Now she has 2 sheltie's Jake and Patches, two papillions, Red and Phoenix.

First time I spoke to her (over a week ago) in spite of my uncertainty she was very determined on me taking the dog.(Perhaps she expected an instant decision) Then last Thursday when I saw her everything seems to of changed. She's telling me about an acquaintance in Massachusetts who is very good at training dogs, who has been interested in him for some time now. I'm wondering why she didn't inform me of this when we last spoke. I felt like saying "if this person already knows how to break this dog to stop laying down, when on a leash. You should give the dog to her" The fact that a dog refuses to cooperate while on a leash, makes it almost an impossible situation in taking the dog out to do his doggie business. She' at work all day, so when she gets home from work, she puts all her dogs outside in a little pen. Now I'm wondering how house broken her dogs are?

When I make a decision I generally put a great deal of thought into it. With this new information, being suddenly brought to light, I sort of felt like she was pushing me into a premature decision. Such as "if you wanted the dog you should of taken it last week, or you better take it now, or it will be gone" I'm thinking that if this person has been interested for some time, in this little papillion, why hasn't she taken it?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cats And Dogs

I let Isabella out yesterday. She ran out on the deck and disappeared for awhile, Then I called her and she came right back and ran into her room. When I let her out I had a gate up, so I did not lock Zelda in my bedroom. Zelda sat by the gate looking in at her, and this time it was Isabella that got aggressive. She hissed and jumped at the gate. (almost knocking the gate down)

I have decided to make an attempt at being a foster mom for Brittany Spaniels. I applied online, and I am presently waiting acceptance from the .Brittany Rescue Of New England 

Yesterday I visited a friend and she has a registered, 4 year old, free Papillion that she offered me. She showed me a photo of one online. They are atttractive dainty looking little tykes, listed under the toy breed. They weigh from 4 - 9 lbs  Height at the withers is approx. 8 to 11 inches. Anything over that disqualifies as a show dog. but none of that matters to me, because I'm not a show dog person.
They were named papillion because of the butterfly ears, papillion is the french word for butterfly.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Hectic Week

My son from California came home for a surprise 5 day visit. It's great when he's here because if anything needs to be fixed, he fixes it. Considering I had Isabella in the guest room, I decided to give him my room. So I ended up on the couch. Isabella is doing better, and appears to be all healed. I opened the back door and gave her the option to go out. At first she ran out on the deck, but came right back in. So I guess she feels safe in her room for now. She has a single bed with a comforter, a bench by the window to sit on, and plenty of food. What more could a cat ask for? Perhaps when the snow is gone (if it ever goes) she will calm down and go out.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Verification And Confirmation

Yesterday I re-posted the information about the Carboodle Ranch  Today being concerned about the controversy that was posted from the Cuddles and Catnips Blog, I came to the conclusion that the person named Dana should have some sort of verification proving that this information came from a reliable source. Of course it's not wise to put your telephone number or your physical address online. However in my opinion for confirmation, Dana needs some sort of online identity.

Today when I checked into my blog I had received a comment from a person named Bella. I clicked on her name, assuming it would lead me to her blog or website. But there was nothing there.Hopefully Bella and Dana will eventually come forward, and reveal an online identity.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Remembering Mickey Moonshine

As I was surfing the blogs this morning, through other blogs, I was led to
 Mickey's Musings  Sweet Mickey  has gone to the bridge. Rest in peace Mickey. I also visited Miss Peachs Blog  There are so many kitty blogs I have not yet discovered. One can get lost in a beautiful maze following these blogs. I don't know who created this lovely photo in memory of Mickey? I take no credit for it, as I copied it from Brian's Home

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life Goes On

I wonder what Isabella ponders on when she sits in the window, watching the days go by. Or do animals speculate as humans do? I am still keeping her in the small bedroom, away from Zelda. It would be better if she had the run of the whole house, but after her medical ordeal, (spaying, aborting kittens, and inoculations) I think confrontations with Zelda would be to stressful for her. I have noticed that she still rubs up against my legs and I think that's a good sign. But unfortunately her attitude towards me seems to of changed. When I bring her food in she hisses at me, and she never did that before. However she was never comfortable about feet, as she would often grab at them, so when around her, I wear shoes. (in the house, I hate shoes) But she never hissed at me, until after her return from the clinic.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ermest Hemingway's Six Toed Cat

Here is something I gleaned from the net this morning. Because Ernest Hemingway was impressed and captivated by a friends poly-dactyl cat, it all started with a cat named Snowball. He was given a six-toed cat from a sea captain named Stanley Dexter . Today some of the cats who live at the Hemingway Home and Museum are descendants of that original cat.

There are variations to that online data, as another claims that a sea captain gave Hemingway a female, double pawed cat that was named Princess.

Sailors believed that six-toed cats were lucky. Cats arrived on Key West in the early 19th century in the company of sailors looking for sunken treasure.

Is any of this information true facts? As stated I gleaned it off the net, so I don't know?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mount Washing Home Of The Worlds Worst Weather

As I was checking several weather sites this morning, I decided to check out what was going on up on the observatory. Mount. Washington is well known as home of the worlds worst weather.
I live close by, so I have taken the trip up many times.
I was pleasantly surprised to read about Marty the cat, who was taken up to the observatory on January 21, 2008.
 More about Marty on this link. Arrival Of Marty The Cat

More research brought me to  The Summit Cats of Mount Washington Observatory

They are all lovely cats, but it appears that Nin was the cat that was not distracted by the camera. This gorgeous feline appears to be posing for the camera. :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mission Accomplished, With Negative Side Affects

Because I don't sleep soundly, or for very long, I'm an early riser. I may be up at 5:00 am, but when I'm having my coffee I'm generally reading the newspaper, watching the news, or surfing the net. So I'm not doing much until around 7:00 or 8:00 am. But Thursday morning, considering I had to have Isabella at the clinic by 7:30, I had time for none of that. When I got up in the morning to prepare for the day, Zelda knew something was up. Funny how cats you have owned for awhile, are so in-tune to you actions. that way. During my preparations Zelda seemed to be a bit disturbed. She kept looking at me as if to say, something peculiar is underway here, and I want no part of it. And then as my preparations wound down she vanished from my site. I finally found her in the small bedroom, hiding under the bed. (the bedroom I prepared for Isabella upon her return) Under the bed, in that room, has always been her favorite place to hide. For the time being she'll be locked out of that bedroom. Hum... maybe she had a sense of that?

All in all the day went well. My driveway was fine, I got Isabella to the clinic on time, and there were only 4 young dogs in line before me. Isabella was the first cat to get checked in. When I picked her up she appeared to be sleeping in her carrier. They also gave her a rabies and distemper shot. I asked the lady at the clinic if she was pregnant. She said "she was 7 weeks along, we aborted the babies. In 2 more weeks she would of given birth"

I don't think Isabella appreciated the bumpy ride home. When I got her in the house I took her straight to the back bedroom and opened the carrier. She came right out, sort of stumbling and she ran straight for the door, which was shut. By her behavior, I would say that the whole ordeal, being locked up in a carrier, transported in a car, being around people, barking dogs, getting inoculated and spayed, traumatized her. She did not hiss or growl at me, but she refused to leave the door, and she was actually struggling at the one and a half inch under the door to escape. I guess she figured if she tried hard enough, she might fit through that little gap? I grabbed a screen that was close by and slid it front of the door. When she finally went to another part of the bedroom, I quickly left the room, taking the screen with me. And as I did she ran back for the door. Because she was so determined to get through that gap, I decided to put the screen on the other side of the door. The poor cat struggled for about an hour at that door. Now I fear the minute I open the door to bring in her food, she will make one quick run for it.

Where ever she originally came from, be it a barn cat, abused cat, abandoned cat, or a true feral cat. Within the last year I became the only human she trusted. Presently she's probably having second thoughts on ever trusting me again. What she wants right now is to get out of my house and away from me. :( I'm sure if I were to open the window and let her out, she would take off and never return. Perhaps thinking "this is what happens when you trust humans" I'm hoping that I can keep her inside at least a week to heal. But if she fly's out of that bedroom like a cat with a mad cow disease, I don't know what I'll do?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It always about the weather?

In checking several weather reports online daily, I admit I have become a bit obsessed with the weather. Mostly because tomorrow Isabella gets spayed. I'll have to get her there between 7:30 - 8:30. So I'll be up early in the morning making preparations. Yesterday I walked down my long driveway to retrieve my mail, check the driveway, and the steep incline that is at the beginning of the driveway. With all the off and on flurries we have been getting lately, it did not look good. When I came to the steep incline it was worse. It was all ice under about an inch and a half of the snow, what a mess. First thought was "I'll never get out of here on Thursday morning. One might wonder, who plows you out? The person who does it is a friend of a friend that only plows when a large amount of snow has accumulated, and for that he charges me very little for the year. So I try to get things done on the good days, and I don't go out on the bad days. Considering a commercial plougher would charge me anywhere from 75 to 100 dollars for this long driveway, I'm not complaining.

Yesterday a friend of my son's came up and called his friend to plow me out. Then he sanded the slippery incline. Now the weather reports are saying a chance of about an inch and a half through today and tonight. So I hope not, and if so please let it be no more then an inch.  Please, please snow go away, I've had enough for this winter.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Ventures

Today I decided to sign up for twitter, so I signed up for tweets from animal lovers and cat lovers. It's amazing what sights pop up under the name Feline's or Cat's, which have nothing to do with real cat's. I just hope none of these nefarious sights end up on my list. This is all new to me, so it may take me awhile to get everything right.

Considering just about everyone axcept me refers to the new kitty as Isabella instead of Ezzabella. I have given up on the name of Ezzabella and changed it to Isabella. It pronounces the same, so it shouldn't confuse her.

Thursday this week is when Isabella gets spayed. She is looking very fat, so I can only pray that she does not give birth to a litter of kittens before Thursday. And I am hoping for decent weather, so I can get off this little patch of land. If not, I will have missed the clinic and their won't be another one until June.