Friday, February 25, 2011

If Animals Could Talk

If Zelda could talk what might she say?

Since the cold spell we had this January, where it reached 35 below zero, I'll admit I'm not a happy camper. Reason being because mom decided to bring that wandering black cat in the house.

The first time I saw that scrawny runt I chased her away, thinking that will be the last of that vagabond. Then one evening I saw her on the back deck. She looked like she had grown a couple inches, and appeared more robust. That's when I realized mom was feeding her, so she made it an evening ritual to wander up to the back deck. To my frustration I couldn't get out to chase her away, because I was in the house. And when I came in for my supper, mom never allowed me back out until the next morning. One cold winter day mom locked me up in the back bedroom for hours. I could hear her out there talking softly to that vagabond. The moment she allowed me out of the room, I knew that stray was in the house. My nose went right to the other bedroom, but the door was closed, so to my frustration their was nothing I could do about it.

You may wonder why I feel so strongly against sharing my home with another feline. Well perhaps you'll be a little more understanding after I share some of my history with you. I would say in human years, I'm about 9 or 10. So I'm getting along in years, and I don't welcome the aggravation of another cat. The first 6 months of my life was horrible. I don't remember if I was born inside or out. I do remember being on a street, around other cat's and kitten's. There were many houses and cars constantly passing by, and none of the other cat's including my own mother seemed to care about me. So I guess one could put me in the category of alley cat. My breathing was very labored, and I was suffering from malnutrition. So the day I wandered out in front of this car I was feeling very listless and out of it. I remember staring up at this big hunk of metal on wheels, that almost ran me over. The car stopped, this woman got out, picked me up and shooed me towards the porch of this old gray house. Then she pulled her car off to the side, got out, walked over and looked at me along with about 8 other cats roaming about. I admit we were a sorry sickly looking flock of cats. She put her hands on her hips, looked towards the windows and shook her head. Then she walked over, picked me up, and got in her car. I might of been frightened by this abrupt gesture, but considering my health I had no energy to struggle. She only lived a few feet up the street, so the ride to her apartment was very short. After she got settled she gave me a bowl of milk and some left overs. Wow I thought real food, no cats to push me away?! I gobbled up every morsel. She put me on a regular diet of canned fish twice a day, and all the dry niblets I wanted. Ah life was good, no other cats to contend with, and no ugly humans to kick me out of the way. Who needs them?

One day as I was roaming about the apartment, and I saw what appeared to be a fat juicy bird sitting on the lower shelf of a book case. I thought "my gosh a bird just sitting there, I think I'll get it" I grabbed it and ran for the bedroom. Then who should I run into but the mistress of the house, and she didn't look to happy. She reached down and tried to take it away from me. As I growled I wouldn't let go, it was a tug of war between us, and I won. Once that matter was settled I ran off behind the couch to hide it. After a few chews I soon realized it was made of cloth and their was nothing tasty about it, so I decided to keep it as a toy. Every night mom and I would play fetch the birdie. When she was laying on the couch, or laying in bed watching TV, she would throw it. I would run after it and bring it back to her. After about an hour she would tire of our game. I tried to extend the game by pushing the birdie right into her hand. I think she was amazed at my intelligence, so sometimes it worked.

I was brought to the vet.and I was inoculated.  She was surprised to hear that I wasn't 3 months old, I was actually 6 months old. The vet informed her I was small because I was undernourished, and I had a respiratory problem. He prescribed some antibiotics and after the respiratory problem was cleared up I had to go back for a medical procedure (getting spayed) Which I thought was highly unnecessary. Finally after that was over we settled into sharing our 3 room apartment. I trusted no other humans, and I felt she was the only creature on this earth that cared for me. So I bonded with her and I considered her my mother. So for a time I was an inside cat. Then mom moved into an old house to take car of her son and his dog. I became accustomed to her son's presence. I don't care for dogs at all, but for some reason I trusted this one. In spite of the fact that she was a lot bigger then me, we became great buds, and we often played with each other. Unfortunately she passed away last summer.

Now for some time it has just been the 2 of us living in a smaller house, surrounded by 5 acres of field and forest. Considering I'm no longer in an apartment, by night I am an inside cat (not always happy about that) By day I get to go out and roam about. And now along comes this wayward critter sidling up next to my mom. So far she is shut off in a room, so she is not allowed to roam the house. She can't get to my food, my litter box, or sit on mom's lap. And mom does give me plenty of attention. When she's watching TV I get to sit on her lap, and I still get the usual treats But what if she's allowed out of that room, what then?!  I feel my very existence in this house will be threatened. I have spent hours looking at that door, trying to think of a way to get in there and scare her away. If I stick my nose under the gap in the door I can almost see her, so I hiss at her. Lately she has challenged me with a return hiss. So our squabbles have consisted of hissing, yowling, and biting at each others paws and nose. I don't want to share my home with her and I don't want to share my mom with her. I hate to admit this, but she frightens me, and that's why I want her gone.


Admiral Hestorb said...

She would thank you, her mama for her life of love. And she would tell you that she loves you too. Just as much.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Zelda, kittie, don't feel bad about havng to stay inside at night. Most forrests have lots of critters living there, and a lot of them think a kittie is a nice meal.

And don't be too concerned about that interloper kittie. Humans have two hands, one to stroke each of two kitties, so things usually work out.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Zelda, it was awfully good learning exactly how you eel and why you feel that way..right from your own mouth. I think I can understand. I am an only lady cat here in our home and I'm 13. I know already I would find it very hard to accept anyone sharing my mommy.

But do try, both of you. You both need that love from your mom and she has lots of love to give you both.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

That's quite a history. But we hope you might find some room in your house for the new black cat.

KrafteKat said...

Thank you all for stopping by, I appreciate your comments.

If I had known of someone, who truly cared for cats, and would of taken Ezzabella in their home, it would of been ideal for her. It's hard to find a good home for a cat, and most people prefer kittens over cats. I want to keep her, but I'm concerned about the mental stability of both cats. I think Zelda is mostly posturing out of fear.

Ezzabella is a younger cat that survived on her own for about a year. And after I started feeding her, (and I fed her well) she filled out. And now she looks pretty robust. When their is no longer a door between them, and they get into a real scrap, I fear Zelda will get the worst of it.

Boo-Bah said...

Zelda we understand why you feel this way. If you give it a chance it might surprise you. You and Ezzabella will probably fight for awhile but eventually you could be friends. Zelda needs a home just like you did when your Mama took you in. We hope the two of you will learn to accept each other soon. That would make your Mama very happy too.

meowmeowmans said...

Zelda, we totally understand where you are coming from. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. We hope things work out, and that eventually you and the black cat will learn to be okay with each other. It sounds like your mom has enough love for both of you, so please try, okay?