Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Humane Society Of The United States

Upon researching about how money might be raised for nonprofit animal shelters, I came upon this informative website.    ActivistsCash

I am against any animals being kept in unsanitary, abusive, neglectful conditions. I'm also against circus performers keeping animals in abusive, neglectful unsanitary conditions. But after reading about the HSUS I was surprised to learn how wealthy the organization is, and how little they contribute to our local animal shelters?

Remember the big football player, Michael Vick? One good thing the HSUS did was shut him down. This article also claims the negative side of the Michael Vick subject. The HSUS claimed that they rehabilitated the Vick dogs, but other sources claim they had nothing to do with the funding of their rehabilitation.     The Vick Victims 

In my opinion credit should be given where credit is due.


meowmeowmans said...

Wow, that's pretty surprising. wonder why so little goes to the local shelters?

KrafteKat said...

By that article ActivistsCash it goes to other causes. And I'm not saying they don't do a lot of good in other areas. To name only a few, the money that is donated goes to eliminating the use of animals in biomedical research labs; phasing out pet breeding, zoos, and circus animal acts. And they also shut down dog fighting, and cock fighting.

What I find most deceiving is they consistently mislead Americans with its fund-raising efforts by hinting that it’s a “Humane Society” in the more conventional sense of the term. Buried deep within HSUS’s website is a disclaimer noting that the group “is not affiliated with, nor is it a parent organization for, local humane societies, animal shelters, or animal care and control agencies. HSUS does not operate or have direct control over any animal shelter.” It has no hands-on contact with stray or surplus animals.

I was surprised to read that HSUS runs those graphic heartrending images of abused animals, in which actress's tell you that for “just $19 a month” you can help HSUS care for these animals. But if someone took them up on that offer and donated $228 over the course of a year, just $1.03 will reach a pet shelter.

My mom used to tell me "you can't believe everything you hear" And in the age of computers she might also say "you can't believe everything you read on the net" However I'm thinking it's an interesting subject to research.

Brian said...

We always give to local groups or ones our pals know purrsonally. It's just too important!

3 doxies said...

Hellos, thanks furs coming to my bloggie!
We is always gonna gets misleading information. But, I do knows dat da HSUS did not rehabilitate a single Vick dog. All da dogs dat survuved was rehabilitated at Best Friends and a few other rescue groups (breed specific rescues). These groups got nothing from da HSUS.
I wonders if da HSUS is just more concerned bouts da "bottom line"...did they think it would cost too much to help da Vick dogs. Sorry, I am rambling.
I had no idea dat they was dat wealthy and they actually don't help out much financially withs other local humane societies.
Thank you ver much fur sharing.


Purrfect Haven said...

good for you to highlight these things. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

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