Monday, January 31, 2011

All About Zelda

I have always viewed cats to be mysterious and intelligent. And because of their multiple colors, fur textures, eye coloring, and various body shapes I find cats to be the most beautiful creatures of all the wild and domesticated animals. I have often thought it would be nice to go to a shelter and pick out the most interesting attractive kitty. Or perhaps adopt 2 cute little kittens together. But I generally end up with the disadvantaged, frightened cat that crosses my path. That is how I came across my tricolered female cat about 9 years ago. At the time I was not living in a rural area. As I was driving up on a busy side street a very small cat with a big head and pointed ears meandered slowly in front of my car. It was the weirdest looking little cat I had ever seen. I got out of my car to look at it, and she seemed to have no fear of cars, noise or people. I later learned that she was actually listless, due to poor health. I started to bring her towards the house to alert the owners that she was going to get run over. As I approached the porch I saw about 8 cats prowling about. That's when I decided these people could care less about these cats, so I held her in my lap and drove home with her. When I got her home I realized I could feel every bone in her fragile body, and she appeared to be very malnourished. I brought her to the vets, he gave her all the necessary inoculations, wormed her and informed me she had pneumonia. He gave me some medicine and said "if she makes it then you can an make an appointment to have her spayed" I said "she can't be more then 3 months old, so I'll get back to you after 3 more months" Much to my surprise he informed me she was actually 6 months old, and she only looked like a kitten because she was malnourished. After she recuperated from pneumonia, and I got a little meat on her bones, I brought her back to be spayed. I named her Zelda, and until she gained some weight and got bigger everyone everyone thought she looked like a little alien cat. Below is representation of Zelda, at about 8 months.
As Zelda grew up, being a singular cat, she was unaccepting to most people that walked through my door. And she is very territorial and antisocial with other cats.

Reprsentation of Zelda today

So far it has been an ordeal keeping these 2 cats apart. Taking Ezzabella in my home would of been a lot easier if Zelda was not so territorial and Ezzabella was not so anxious and frightened inhabiting Zelda's domain. And I'm sure that Zelda feels threatened by her existence.


Kat's Kats said...

What a great story!! All of the members of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde have been rescue cats of one sort or another (four or so from litters and same from shelters/other rescuers). You are a wonderful cat mom!!

lokithecat said...

That was a great story. I'm a rescue cat too!
Stopping by to say hello!

The Crew said...

Bless you for opening your heart and home. All of us were adopted from local shelters so we never lived outside.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty
The Crew

Cat said...

Just go slow and keep them seperated. But let them see each other everyday through the bedroom door :-) Soon enough they will be used to each others smell and you can move on from there :-)